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iZINElation Club

iZINElation Club is an online education project by the Hong Kong publishing collective ZINE COOP. Throughout the spring and summer of 2021, we will publish a series of online zine learning resources, including an internet video series, a podcast, digital learning materials and a DIY zine gift bag. All materials will be released on the ZINE COOP website, where it will be free to stream and download, and the project will culminate in an online zine party celebration for the greater community. Through iZINElation Club, we hope to promote zine culture, encourage people to create, and together with our audience indulge in the expressive power and potential of zines.

Video series & learning materials

Hosted by ZINE COOP, this eight-episode series will give viewers an unique inside look at the zine spaces and creators of Hong Kong, both big and small. To showcase the best of the Hong Kong zine scene and to bring readers closer to the independent publishing spirit, we will visit studios and bookstores, review materials and techniques, and take a trip down memory lane. The digital learning materials will include guidelines for practicing, notes, further reading and links to resources online.

Learning materials

Podcast series

This four-episode podcast series will be an extension of the video education series, bringing listeners closer to stories of zine making and zine reading experience, through the narratives of the makers and readers.


The ZINE COOP Show & Tell Party invites you to apply to virtually show and tell your work on the 26th & 27th of June 2021. We welcome both first-time zinemakers as well as veteran artist groups.

The Zine Show & Tell Party is our unique twist on the virtual art book fair. Through our virtual platform, everyone will have a pixelated body. You can walk around, look at things on walls, talk to the people next to you, host your own exhibitor table, and swap zines with that really interesting table next to you. No shopping required! In fact, we want to create a space for non-commercial and spontaneous social interactions, which we’ve all been missing since our beloved art book fairs have been whisked online and turned us all into passive website clickers.

Apply to be an exhibitor!

Other resources

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ZINE COOP is an independent publishing collective based in Hong Kong. We collect, curate and educate through zine publications, workshops, and exhibitions. Founded in 2017, we operate without a fixed or hierarchical membership system, and we welcome all interested parties to contribute in their own way. Current active members in the group are geographically scattered across Hong Kong, UK, and Canada, but united in spirit.

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